KFRK-DB is a digital streaming radio station based out of Brighton, CO. The station is owned and operated by Colorado Digital Broadcasting, LLC.
Over the last few years of the public outcry about the "mainstream media" and it's conspiracy theory backed complaints about trying to "program" the general public into a certain view of music, news, and politics, the founding team of KFRK Digital Radio decided to give the public a choice. Though the founders of KFRK do not buy into the conspiracy theory, they believe that the "mainstream media" is getting just a little too boring.
With most radio stations having nearly a repeating playlist of only about 25-30 songs, and very few show hosts out there that actually get the listener involved into the show, it is KFRK's goal to change that. The founders of KFRK have been broadcasting digitally for nearly 15 years, and now want to bring their system of radio to the masses. What is their system of radio? It's a digital station, which is unrestricted to the content that they choose to bring. No restrictions means more content, and more honesty in broadcasting.
With all that included, they found that Brighton, CO is starting to become a very big city. What better place to start a radio adventure?! KFRK's involvement with the community of Brighton, and it's surrounding cities will prove to be a vital part of showing that the Brighton area is not just some town north of Denver. It's a thriving community that is growing by the day, and KFRK is proud to say that we will be a part of that growth.
There is a new station in the Denver Area, and it's called KFRK-DB, Brighton, Colorado- THE FREAK!

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